BetFiery Featured in the New York Times

On February 19th, the New York Times published an article that highlighted the recent infrastructure plan known as the Investment and Jobs Act. One common misconception is that the additional funds will be used in its entirety for the construction of roads and bridges; in fact, a significant portion of the funds will be utilized for areas like broadband, electric charging stations, and other services. Without a doubt, the highway industry will benefit from the additional funds as the Georgia Department of Transportation has indicated that they will be increasing their program by close to 20 percent. 

 In my opinion, the best part of the article was seeing several of our employees & crews highlighted at the national level (see photos). It was exciting to see our people recognized for the hard work and dedication they perform every day. Our industry is made of great men and women who sacrifice so much to improve the infrastructure of our Country and our State.  

You recently may have seen some photographers and videographers on your jobs and at the plants; the purpose of this effort is to “tell our story”. Our company is so fortunate to have such incredible people and we want to do a better job at drawing attention to the benefits of being part of this amazing industry, and we are proud to be a vital part of building our great Country.  

 Thank you for all you do! Glad the world got a glimpse, even if for a short moment. 

You can view our New York Times Article through the following link: 


Dan Garcia, President
April 18, 2022

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