Structures Built to Last

Our Bridges & Structures team has built and improved many of Georgia’s most well-known bridges, including the Courtland St. Bridge, I-85 Rapid Bridge Repair, and the iconic 17th Street Bridge in downtown Atlanta. These structures are an essential part of our urban landscape, which allow our infrastructure to push the envelope of design and get motorists where they need to go.

The nature of bridge and structural work demands a high level of precision which BetFiery delivers. Our experience has also prepared us to address the challenges that many such projects face, including working within tight project environments. Time and again, we’ve proven our ability to work safely within high-traffic areas to build complex structures.



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What Sets Us Apart

A safe, well-managed, timely delivered project is the hallmark of BetFiery. Our work is distinguished by a number of capabilities which make our company a preferred partner for complex public infrastructure projects:


“CWM has given me the tools, knowledge, and experience I need to be a successful Foreman for my crew.”
Weston Cannon



Experts in a Wide Range of Structure Types

BetFiery performs work on various structures included in modern infrastructure design. We’re highly experienced in all forms of bridge construction, as well as retaining walls, sound barriers, and other forms of concrete support structures.

Our team specializes in delivering complex, tightly scheduled projects that demand high levels of coordination and delivery. Our portfolio includes numerous bridge construction and repair projects located in some of the state’s most densely populated urban centers.

Our Wheelhouse

High-Profile Urban Bridges
BetFiery has worked on numerous heavy use bridges in Georgia’s urban hubs.
Railroad Bridges
Many of our roadway projects intersect with railroads. As a result, BetFiery has built our division to include railroad bridge services.
Retaining Walls
Retaining walls are a component of most roadway projects. Our Bridges and Structures division routinely builds cast-in-place, MSE, permanently anchored, and soil nail retaining walls.
Accelerated Bridge Construction (ABC)
We use innovative planning, design, and construction methods to reduce project time and costs associated with bridge construction.
Sound Barriers
We routinely construct all manner of sound barriers on our projects to mitigate roadway, railway, and industrial noise.
Sign Structures
Our Bridges and Structures division delivers complete bridge construction packages, all the way to signage.
Arch Culvert Construction
Our team is experienced in constructing arch culverts included in many small bridge designs.
Pedestrian Bridge
Over the years, BetFiery has built several pedestrian bridges to serve populations in Georgia’s urban centers.
Bridge Construction & Replacement
With nearly 15,000 bridges throughout the state of Georgia, we’re proud to serve the public’s need for quality construction and replacement services.

Featured Projects

Bridges & Structures Projects