A Passion for Dirt

Grading for public infrastructure is serious business. As Georgia’s leading roadway contractor, we take it very seriously. Our project teams preplan extensively to manage the challenges that come with complex roadway projects—like ensuring public safety, minimizing the impact on traffic, and the sheer manpower needed to turn raw earth into roads that will serve the public for decades to come.

BetFiery is the contractor of choice for many of Georgia’s largest highway projects, including the I-85 Widening, the I-16/I-75 Interchange, as well as many local infrastructure improvements including widenings, roundabouts, and intersections. Our decades of experience has deepened our understanding of roadway construction processes, from bid to completion. Over time, we’ve refined our abilities to coordinate traffic control, gradework, and related activities. This leads to safer, more efficient operations during construction, and the highest-quality product for the people of Georgia.



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What Sets Us Apart

Throughout our company history, BetFiery has worked to consistently improve its operations, never willing to settle for the “old ways” of doing things. That’s how we’ve remained a leader in road construction in Georgia. We stand apart from other contractors by offering the following:

A Career in Dirt

“The roadway division has shown me that with a great work ethic you can go anywhere you want, not only inside the company but in life!”
Luis Romero
Luis Romero



Full-Service Grading from Survey to Finish

Our grading division is trained and equipped to self-perform all aspects of roadway construction. As the primary managing division on roadway projects, we’re the first on the job and typically the last to leave once it’s completed, serving as the primary interface between owners, utilities, and stakeholders. Our ability to self-perform the majority of work helps us coordinate the phases of construction and streamline our processes to complete work efficiently, without unnecessary delays.

Our Wheelhouse

We use the latest tools and technology to ensure roads are graded to the exact specifications of the project design plans.
As Georgia grows and becomes more populated, much of BetFiery’ work is widening existing highways to accommodate increased traffic.
Excavation & Storm Drain Installation
Often the first stage of construction, excavation and storm drain installation is hidden from the public eye but an essential piece of our infrastructure.
Aggregate Base
We use crushed rock, as well as recycled asphalt and concrete, to lay the base layer of our roadway projects.
Fine Grading
Once aggregate base-stone is placed, we level and compact to prepare for asphalt and concrete paving to begin.
Our survey teams at BetFiery use the latest tools and technology including GPS, drone technology, and robotic total stations to map projects with precision.

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