If you haven’t seen them running around taking photos or filming videos on your jobsites, chances are high you’ll probably notice these guys sometime soon… 

At the beginning of this year, we partnered up with a well-known digital marketing team called Buildwitt. Buildwitt is not just a marketing company whose sole purpose is to help us “sell” a product. Instead, they are here to help us tell our story. At CWM, we only have one primary goal for any and all of our marketing efforts – to recruit and retain good people and outstanding employees. 

 What makes Buildwitt unique is that they know the ins and the outs of our industry. Most everyone on their team has a background in construction, so they know their way around heavy equipment and a jobsite. Their mission is “to make the dirt world a better place” and from what we have seen so far – they do just that. 

 Over the past few months, the Buildwitt team has traveled to Marietta multiple times to visit us. They’ve spent weeks walking our jobsites, held countless face-to-face conversations, and spent hours listening to us go on and on bragging about our people at CWM. They’ve researched our company’s history, sent out surveys to collect information from our team, interviewed several of you on the spot, snapped thousands of photos, and filmed and edited hours of footage. Everything they’ve done will soon be gathered into one place – our new website that they are currently in the process of designing.  

 During their most recent visit to Marietta, their film team came out to shoot our company video that we’ve been planning for months. We’d like to thank each one of you who has helped us with this. Many of you have spent days driving and escorting their team around Georgia, working your schedules around to accommodate their team, coordinating with your crews to ensure we had content to film, taken time out of your day to be interviewed, and so much more. We couldn’t have taken on this venture with Buildwitt without the help of everyone on our CWM team. Thank you all so very much! 

 There are still so many exciting things to look out for from the Buildwitt team. When our partnership with them is all said and done – whether you’re a social media guru or the online/digital world is just not your thing – they will have successfully helped us spread a story worth sharing to the world – the story of BetFiery. 

We will be sharing photos and videos that Buildwitt has taken on our own social media platforms, so be sure you are following us to stay connected! 

Caroline Johnson, Marketing Coordinator
April 27, 2022

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