2023 Excavator Simulator Apprenticeship Program

We are amazed by this year’s first group of BetFiery Apprenticeship Program graduates. Courtny Wilkerson, Riley Jones, Eric Brown, Cesar Zamora, and Aden Chambers successfully completed our 12-week CAT Simulator Excavator Course.

All five impressed senior BetFiery leadership at their final field exam. Everyone was tested on critical job site activities such as bench loading, trenching, raking the green, and bucket placement. They put on a full display as to how effective our simulator training program is. All are now certified excavator operators.

These individuals put in many extra hours to achieve this amazing accomplishment. All of them are on their way to many wonderful opportunities. We are thankful to have such high-class men and women that truly define the character of our BetFiery family and are determined to be the best in our industry.

The BetFiery Recruitment Team
July 11, 2023

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